I have added a lot of new goodies to "The Signature Shop" - jackets, tops, shoes, bags, hats... Have a look!

Items pictured above:


Silence + Noise leather jacket
H&M Mens linen tee
American Eagle distressed jeans
Topshop booties
H&M Trend chain bag

Oh yes, it is really happening... pastels are sneaking into my wardrobe! I am in love with this new ice blue tee, because a) it pairs oh-so-well with black, b) it has the perfect fit (holla mens section!), c) according to a "knowledgeable source" it looks/feels just like a Wang. Sold.

On another note - one week after writing this the search for the perfect black (leather) jacket has ended for now. This one may not actually be real leather, it was the best version I was able to find. And you know how it sometimes goes... while I had just told myself not to shop any more for the rest of the month (I'm afraid my money tree died)
I found a second black (pretty perfect lightweight!) jacket. So now I am all set for Spring and don't need anything else anymore! LOL. Who am I kidding... 



My current Spring mood:
  • basic tops (tees, blouses, lightweight sweaters - I don't discriminate) 
  • light wash denim
  • soft grey-anything
  • slightly oversized blazers
  • pastels *insert shocked ghost face emoji*
  • + the usual suspects; messy hair, lace details & minimal jewelry
// See my Spring/Summer 2014 board for more inspiration.