Do you know how to describe your personal style? As a blogger I have been asked the question a few times, and I always find it a difficult one to answer. Sure, I know what I like (and don't like!), and what type of items I reach for most when I'm out shopping or getting dressed. But exactly nailing down one specific style or describing it in a couple of key words? Impossible. Or so I thought... 


1 //
 Find your 'style menagerie' - who are your style icons?

I just realized that the above photographs may look like they show the same woman, but in fact they're three different women: Emmanuelle Alt, Geraldine Saglio & Barbara Martelo

2 // Label your looks - describe the vibes

This is actually one of the parts I find difficult, partially because I think that everybody has different ideas about what certain "vibes" look like. But these are the labels I'd use for my looks:

...casual, effortless, minimal chic, feminine, edgy.

3 // Snap your favourites 

Long live Instagram for enabling me (us) to document daily looks - @TheSignatureBow

What I always find funny is that a look may be a favourite one day, but sometimes I couldn't care less about it the next. Total mood dresser!

4 // Choose your signature item(s)

My blog name was based on my -at the time- signature item: the bow. Fast-forward to three years later and my signature pieces are a lot less girly: tiny studs, thin golden rings, silver MK watch. These are the items I wear day in, day out, with any outfit.

5 // Recognize repeat offenders - your wardrobe sweet spot

My closet is full of loose fitted -mostly black- tops and -mostly black- jeans. My new sneaker love has messed up my leather flats obsession, but I still love a good loafer look

6 // Identify the odd ones 

My closet is much less of a 'mixed bag' than it used to be, but there are still a few odd pieces that may not seem very 'me' at first sight. At this moment... because clearly these pieces have survived my several closet purges for a reason.

 I'm looking at you (fitted) dresses, colourful tops & high heels.

7 // Know (and own!) your strengths

This reminds me of something my friend Jill mentioned in her post this week - the awesome feeling you get from wearing certain items. We probably all have that one favourite pair of jeans (hello nice bum!) or the perfectly comfortable fitted dress (show those curves!). 

The best purchases are the items that fit you like a glove and highlight your strengths. With that being said, I have to be honest: I kind of suck at this "rule". I never highlight my rather small waist. I never thought anything of it until someone said "What?! You actually have a waist?!"... Ehm, yeah. 

8 // Remember the whole package

Your personal style is not only defined by the clothes you wear - it's everything about you. When it comes the whole package, I mean actually everything about & around you: clothing, make-up, hair, your home, the books you read, the things you do, your personality. Because seriously, just the superficial things can't define your uniqueness!

9 // Trust your instincts & be yourself 

Total cliche, but nobody knows you better than you know yourself. So go with what feels right and make sure to add a dose of personality to your style. I appreciate a lot of different styles, and sometimes wish I could re-create some outfits I saw on someone else, but it doesn't always work for me. So instead I break those inspiring outfits down into details and look at the tailoring, textures or colour schemes. This way I find inspiration everywhere I look and can turn it into something "typical me".

Now I am curious... How would you define your personal style?

(Inspired by Who What Wear)


Oak & Fort bomber
COS draped top
BDG jeans
3.1 Phillip Lim 'Quinn' loafers
Zara bag

This is the second black jacket purchase I talked about here. I am so happy with it! It's the perfect lightweight bomber for those sunny -but slightly chilly- afternoons.



Old Navy chambray shirt
H&M lace top
& Other Stories denim jeans
Shoemint heels
Zara chain bag

Canada's Fashion Magazine asked me last week to show my take on the Canadian tuxedo and give tips on ways to style the look. Now that I am officially a Permanent Resident of this country, I of course had to take on the 'challenge'. Read my tips for the all over denim look here.