I have two occasions coming up this Summer that require me to go dress shopping (I know, boohoo, how awful ;-) -- the annual Deighton Cup at the end of July and my grandmother's 90th birthday one month later. I have had no trouble getting inspired, but actually finding a dress -within my budget- has proven to be a lot more difficult. Even though I can still swoon over an ultra-feminine blush coloured lace-y dress, I want to really stick to my more monochrome aesthetic and find something minimal but interesting. Think: folds, big ruffles or cut-outs; a bit artsy but understated. Hard to explain, but see my inspiration above.

So I am calling all you ladies (and gents?) for your help. If you know of any brands, online stores or local shops: please help a girl out! 

On a different, but related, note: I have found myself finding inspiration mostly from textures and objects lately. It's interesting how architecture or some pretty blooms can influence your wardrobe! 

// Minimal dress inspiration



Weekday tee
Urban Outfitters BDG jeans
3.1 Phillip Lim 'Quinn' loafers
H&M Trend Paris Collection chain bag

I have been living in the same formula lately: basic tee, skinny jeans & a pair of flats (either these Lim's, my studded loafers or the Birks). Summer time calls for easy outfits and I like how mostly my shoes 'do the talking'. I am looking to add some more structured pieces to my wardrobe though, just to keep things interesting. Only a little over a month until I am back in the Netherlands to empty my wallet at COS spend quality time with my family. Ok, and yes, do some shopping...




After giving a bit of interior love to my living room, I feel inspired to do the same with my bedroom. As I am not a cook (at all), I feel that those two rooms are the most important ones in my apartment. Even though I am looking to move to a new place, I can't help but shop around for items to upgrade my bedroom.

I find decorating the bedroom a bit tricky at times, because in this room comfort and quality is so important. I get lost in a sea of pretty bedding and cute printed pillows, while the "internal aspect" is actually equally more important. I am prone to allergic reactions and can be a fussy sleeper -that whole hot/cold/hot/cold thing- so just having marble printed sheets won't cut it for me.* Although, I am sure it would help ;-)

So yes, marble is a must. And so are some greens, lots of black & white, and somewhat industrial elements.

// THE EDIT //

1) keep it minimal colour-wise
2) add some fun art (I am a fan of quotes)
3) plants will make the room feel more lively
4) store away clutter (small or large)
5) get crafty - my favourite DIYs are: marble sidetable, minimal posters, magazine rack, marble mirror. MYDUBIO has the best DIYs!

* TIP: If you're a sensitive sleeper like me, give comforters from Zen Bedrooms a try!