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The blogosphere doesn't only provide for a daily dose of inspiration, but also for a beautiful community that exists in both the online and offline world. We all share the same passion, but all in our own unique way. We create a personal brand for ourselves and build a connection with like-minded (or "like-styled") individuals.

One of the best things that has happened in the past years is the growing relationship between bloggers and fashion brands. We connect based on our style and creativity and lend each other a hand in growing our networks and exposure. It is an organic process, a relationship that doesn't evolve over night, and momentum is key.

To stimulate this movement, Blogger's Wardrobe has created an unique platform for various bloggers and (new) brands to interact. The story behind BW? It's not your run-of-the-mill online blogger network, but an exclusive community where a select group of bloggers has the opportunity to "shop" the latest & greatest pieces of, mostly Scandinavian, designers and brands. From the hottest accessories to high-quality clothing, and even household appliances (blogging and coffee go hand-in-hand!), Blogger's Wardrobe opens the door to anything a blogger could ever need. 

While the offered items might all have a different purpose, they also have something in common: thoughtful and sharp designs, unique style and a strong attitude. With the diverse group of bloggers who joined the Blogger's Wardrobe community, amazing styling inspiration is a fact. As part of the group you get to play around with different items and looks and make it 100% your own. I love it! These are the brands I am most excited about...

Fashion, just as life, has so much to offer. I am still not sure what my exact style is and trying different "flavours" not only helps me figure that out, it also broadens my horizon. New colors, new textures, new feels... This industry is too exciting to just stick to one thing! And that is what, in my opinion, Blogger's Wardrobe is all about. Getting your brand out there (both bloggers and brands), see and experience new opportunities and interact with people you'd maybe never expected to interact with. We all have one thing in common. Fashion. But we can inspire each other to see it from many different angles. I am excited about the community Blogger's Wardrobe's building and I want to be a part of it!

Sounds like something for you as well? Check out for more information and a peek into the community. They are currently accepting new members, but only for a limited time so hush, hush! ;-)

All images via Blogger's Wardrobe.


Natalie Leung said...

fantastic opportunity :)


Morgan Stone said...

This sounds pretty amazing, and I'm definitely going to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo, morgan

Alexandra said...

I got an email from them last year to apply but I got so confused by it I just stopped trying are they accepting applicants now? I do like the premise of their site and what they seem to be doing.

And I am loooving the pieces you pulled, especially those sunnies! So pretty!

Alexandra xo

Danny Suyandi said...

sounds really great!

3 door wardrobe said...

This is fantastic! :)