COS velvet top
BDG leather pants
New Balance 420 sneakers
Zara chain bag
Michael Kors watch

Time for a confession... It has taken me about a year of going back and forth before I finally made the decision to purchase a pair of sneakers. Yup. I just felt that I wasn't able to pull them off - they felt "wrong". But after gathering a bunch of 'chicks with kicks' inspiration I figured it was about time to give in and get a pair. When I got home I styled them with a few different looks and was officially sold. Why did it take me so long? After all, I haven't been the dressy girly-girl (... ehm, yeah...) for a long time and my style is pretty casual nowadays. Although I prefer to call it effortless. Good question, I have no idea. But yeah, the beauty of style is that it evolves... and so here I am; finally a chick in kicks and loving it.